DIT5618 / DIT5628 / DIT5638

This page is mainly for you to view the briefing slides(on the right) and download the ITP related documents below.

Briefing Briefing Slide
Letter of Undertaking ITP
Report Duty Letter
For training application to the company
  1. Application letter sample/Contoh Surat Permohonan
  2. Reply form
    (please write your supervisor's name)
  3. Support letter
    (You need to fill in your supervisor's contact details before printing)
    For DEE & DTE
    For DIA
    For DBA
  4. Resume Sample
  5. Letter of Rejecting offer
Weekly log

Weekly Log sample DIT/DBIS
Weekly Log sample Engineering
Weekly Log sample DBA
Weekly Log sample DIA

  1. Report Cover page and Template
    (for DBA/DIA )
    (for DIT/DBIS)
    (for Engineering)
  2. Company Supervisor Evaluation Form
Presentation Presentation Guideline
For Cyberjaya student, the sample documents are almost the same except for the footer of the documents you need to use Cyberjaya's address and contact person.
  Application Letter
Reply Form
Support Letter
Report Duty Letter